They Said It…

Where Past Movement Workers Have Gone On To Work

‘I remember when I was muling over doing movement work, some of my friends said they knew movement work would be fun, exciting and inspiring, but didn’t want to do it because ‘it wouldn’t help their careers.’ Thinking back that certainly makes me laugh. They were half right. Movement work certainly was fun, exciting and inspiring. At times it was also outrageously hilarious, immensely challenging and terrifyingly responsible. But my main feeling, looking back on two years of movement work, is simply just how much I took from the experience and how much it benefited me as a person and in my career. I learnt in depth, and at first hand, about teamwork, management, responsibility, vision, values, work-life balance, money and finance, health and safety, roles and responsibilities. I could go on and on. I wouldn’t have my job now if it wasn’t for movement work – it’s that simple. It was also two years of the best fun and most memorable experiences you could possibly have. Am I selling it to you?’ Ben Russell, Mazkir 2009-2010.

‘Being a youth worker was meaningful because it gave me a whole load of creative possibilities to implement stuff and the freedom to create that you wouldn’t get in most other formal office settings.’ Alex Stein, Movement Worker 2005-2006.
‘Being a movement worker offers me a lot of freedom, in the sense that you have the freedom to take the movement in any direction you want to go.’ Ben Osoff, Current Movement Worker
‘Movement work gave me a huge range of skills. Following my decision not to go to university, it developed me a lot, as a person and professionally.’ Jessie Schlagman, Movement Worker 2007-2009

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