Marom Student Fieldworker



Role Title:                   Student Fieldworker, Assembly of Masorti Synagogues [AMS]

Responsible to:          Marom Coordinator

Summary of the Role: To offer support to Masorti university students and facilitate programming meeting their needs.



The following are the key areas for which the Student Fieldworker will be responsible:


  • To manage a team of student leaders at universities across the United Kingdom.
  • To plan meetings and leadership development programmes for student leaders.
  • To assist students when necessary, including ensuring swift reimbursements and supporting student events.


  • To network with as many students and community members as possible
  • Maintain contact with Masorti students, NOAM Bogrim and children of members of Masorti synagogues.
  • To maintain a database of contacts


  • Maintain Marom website
  • Create monthly Marom email including contributions from student leaders
  • Maintain database of young adults
  • Maintain Marom social networking pages such as Facebook and Twitter


  • To keep the provision of educational opportunities for as many students as possible by providing a series of classes, either teaching or coordinating speakers
  • To be available for specific talks at Jewish societies
  • Promoting and planning projects such as Kelim, and a European educational trip to Poland
  • Networking with students and using Jewish organisations to get across the Masorti message


  • Take on Noam projects when needed
  • Attending Noam mazkirut (leadership body) meetings once per week
  • Taking an instrumental role in planning Noam camp education


  • Manage the year long budget for programming, travel and salaries of campus reps
  • Set appropriate budget boundaries for reps running campus events
  • Fundraise for international trips

Ideal Candidate

  • Pride in being a Masorti Jew
  • Be capable of recognizing the needs and interests of students; the ability the take a bottom-up approach without losing vision
  • Have strong inter-personal skills, and be able to communicate well with students and adults
  • Be committed to excellence in the organisation and execution of all their programmes
  • Capable organiser
  • Independent worker, able to take initiative
  • Able to work closely with the Noam movement workers
  • Ability to enthuse and inspire interest and involvement in Masorti Judaism and Jewish learning
  • Be a versatile Jewish teacher
  • Ability to build good contacts
  • Ability to manage a team

To  apply send a CV and Cover Letter to

Inquiries? Email

Click here to download a Word Version of this Job Description


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